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Projector prophylactic service

Projector prophylactic service

Having projector or projecting to buy one, it’s important to know some basic information regarding prophylactic service of this technique - main proactive activities to perform in order to prolong its life. 

It may happen that after some period of work your projector will display not precise colors, image will miss some color(s) at all, there will be problems with switching on, some unexpected noises will occur etc. Part of symptoms signalize that you need to connect your service company but some others (happening most recently) that this is right time to think about lamp change or filters cleanup. Lamp change related issues were covered in our previous blog post

Today’s topic is less about situations when obvious problems already can be observed but rather some prophylactic activities that will keep your technique running without any problem as long as possible. And our topic this time is about filters. 

First of all it is important to understand, why projectors have filters and why filters need to be cleaned?

Most part of problems for projectors is coming from dust. Filters in order are used to prevent dust accumulation on optical elements inside the projector. Dust accumulation causes two main problems:

  1. dust may cause image distortion, some spots etc.;
  2. dust prevents air circulation that cools projector lamp (the hottest projector part). That in order can cause lamp overheating with consequent complete or partial burn out. 

How to avoid these problems?

Answer is obvious – projector user must respect some basic rules of proper projection technique usage and ensure cleaning of filters.

How often one must clean filters?

In general there is suggestion from service companies to clean filters every 3 months. This of course is s.c. “average temperature in hospital”. Cleaning frequency mainly is dependent on following criteria:

  • how clean is the environment where technique operates;
  • how intensive technique is operated.
    If a first criterion is clear, second probably need some extra explanation. Dust accumulation is partly caused from electro-magnetic field created from electric parts. And therefore – the longer technique is switched on, the more dust is accumulated.
    If you don’t have an experience, you can start with 3-month cycle and then observe, is there necessity to clean filters more often or this periodicity is appropriate.

Projector lamp life prolongation

What you should do to avoid overheating?

There are several prerequisites to bear in mind:

  1. please follow that obstructs of vents are not covered to allow air circulation;
  2. prevent technique mounting near the wall or ceiling such a way reducing ventilation area;
  3. don’t locate projector on top of other electronic devices that can radiate heat;
  4. mounting projector please pay attention to producer guidelines. These guidelines will help to ensure most appropriate projector position to ensure optimal ventilation;
  5. when you are cleaning filters, clean dust also from other available parts.

Summarizing this topic we would like to emphasize that prophylactic service performed by user is very important. Doing right things with a right attitude will allow you to save on service costs and enjoy your technique longer. 

And of course, if you notice your projector lamp life going to end soon, just visit our shop and order new one (original bulb or module).

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