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Projector lamp replacement procedure

Projector lamp replacement procedure

Many of projector models contain lamp hour timer, which counts working hours of this component. Actually it counts working hours of projector. Lamp counter gives notification message when lamp life is going to end soon and it is displayed on screen soon after projector is switched. This message disappears after some minutes.

Working life of course is dependent from model to model and there is general tendency for working life prolongation for latest models. Usually lamp hours are between 1500 and 6000 for traditional DLP and LCD models.

Lamp change is quit simple procedure what can be carried out by everybody who don’t want to spend extra money for installation guy visit and services.

Here are main steps of this procedure:

  1. For safety reasons (to not harm your technique) projector must be turned off and power cable unplugged. 

  2. Wait 60 minutes to allow the projector to cool thoroughly. Be patient, it will pay off as too early power cable unplugging can 
interrupt cooling process and cause lamp overheating. Unplugging issues are more important for older models, as newer models have automated solutions that ensures cooling even after power cable is unplugged.
    NOTE: Replacement procedure is included in projectors manual and supported with visualizations to help users perform this activity in easiest way possible.
    You’ll find procedure supported with images like this:

    Projector lamp replacement procedure, projectorlamps-eshop.co.uk
  3. Turn the projector upside down and remove the lamp door. For each model it is indicated in manual. It is an easy procedure witch can be done with help of a screwdriver;
  4. There must be some screw to loosen (the captive screw) on the lamp module, that holds lamp module motionless;
    ! Please follow these safety instructions:
    • It is recommended to ensure projector to cool for at least 60 minutes before lamp replacement procedure.
    • Power cable must be unplugged!
    • Be careful, Do not drop the lamp module as glass may shatter and that in order cause injury.
    • As for other optical mediums, it is strongly recommended not to touch the glass lamp screen. Left fingerprints can obscure projection sharpness.
    • Be environmentally friendly and follow best practice for disposal of used lamp.
  5. There must be lamp connector that provides light signal information and power to it. Cable must be detached and holding wires (varies model to model) carefully removed to free module.
    NOTE: There is one additional step if you are replacing a bulb. Then you need to open lamp module to free old bulb and replace it with new one. There are different holding mechanisms that are dependent from manufacturer and concrete model as well. This procedure is quit easy to perform for person that is familiar with basic technical works, use of screwdriver.
  6. Install the new lamp module instead of removed one. Be careful and avoid touching the interior components of the projector.
  7. Perform all activities in reverse order as it was in mentioned steps so far – put in new lamp module, lock it with wire/other holding mechanisms, reattach connector and then when you are sure all is on place, strengthen screw that fixes module and close lamp door.
  8. And now the last thing – plug in power cable and push power button on your projector. Then reset lamp hours to count them for new, replaced lamp.

That’s all! We are sure that lamp replacement is quite an easy procedure that lets one have good saving on projector maintenance costs.

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